Extrifit Rice Oat Mash

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Rice Oat Mashje jeden z nejpopulárnějších výrobků od Extrifitu. Je to skvělá rychle připravitelná svačinka nebo snídaně se zdravou porcí kalorií i živin

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Extrifit Rice Oat Mash

Rice is the absolute king between carb sources in our sport. It has excellent taste, easy preparation and does not contain any simple sugar. It is simply the ideal choice of the most suitable source of gradual energy.

Never-ending cooking of rice can sometimes drive you mad…You must still think how to flavor it up… Once sweet, once salty, with fruits, with cacao…

In view of the fact that we in Extrifit® do not make silly products, we also exercise at gym and we are fans of our sport, we know everyday problems of you – our customers and we try to help you with solving them:

What about the rice that is ready in 1 minute and without cooking? Rice with absolutely the same nutritional values as the rice that you cook every day and you must still wash the dishes, use rice cooker or cooker and pot? Rice with excellent taste, ready in disposable packet?


Extrifit® RICE & OAT MASH is ready blend containing excellent rice in the form of easily soluble rice flakes WITH FRUITS, WITH COCONUT, WITH CHOCOLATE…!

  • No cooking!
  • Only cold-cooking!
  • 1 minute preparation!
  • Carb complex: 80% of rice, 15% of oat flakes and 5% of wheat flakes
  • Lyofilized fruits, coconut, chocolate… all in massive amount
  • fibre from chicory root
  • 1 packet = 1 dose

Extrifit® brings you the absolutely new product line! It is about special products intended for perfectly delicious and nutritionally valuable foods´preparation designed even for the most demanding athletes! One of these novelties is also our product RICE-OAT MASH intended for preparation of mash with light fluffy consistency and fresh taste.

The base of this product is 100% rice in the form of instant rice flakes that make up 80% of complex carbs´sources in RICE-OAT MASH. The other 15% of complex carbs make up oat flakes and 5% wheat flakes. The mash is enriched with fibre inulin from chicory root.

The big pieces of lyophilized fruits and also high quality chocolate with absolute minimum of fat give the fantastic taste and also appearance to this rice mash.

RICE-OAT MASH is absolutely ideal source of complex carbs! It is intended for immediate preparation of excellent snack with great nutritional values! You can take the mash whenever with you in disposable 50 g packets and it is ready in a while! It is so fast and easy snack for everybody who cares about quality sports nutrition, and not only for fitness fans but also for athletes of all sports disciplines, strength, speed as well as endurance sports!

Advantages of disposable packets:

  • You can change the flavors
  • You need not to spend money for big and expensive containers
  • Excellent for travelling – you only throw some packets with various flavors into your bag
  • You can buy only so many packets as you need and literally only for a few crowns
  • You only pour the packet into the water and stir. It is ready and you can eat
  • No flavor can pall on you.

Our rice mash Extrifit® contains the ingredients in their most natural form and does not contain any useless additives!

The delicious taste of all flavors is given by only natural ingredients! The fruit flavors of the product – blueberry, strawberry and mango – have great fruit taste thanks to large amount of lyofylized fruits (vacuum sealed frozen fruits with all vitamins, natural taste and colour preservation). Chocolate flavor contains pieces of pure quality chocolate and coconut flavor the pure natural shredded coconut. Fruits flavors contain only 1,2 g of added sugar (sucrose) per one dose and chocolate flavor despite great chocolate taste only 2,4 g per one dose! It is exclusively quality brown natural sugar that is used for gluing of oat and wheat flakes and so its pleasant crunching during consumption.

Another advantage of this product is also easy and quick preparation without any cooking! Abide by the above mentioned directions for ideal results!


Mix content of packet in 150 ml of water or skim milk. The mash is ready in a few seconds. For immediate consumption – do not store the ready product. Daily dose = 1 packet.

Mix content of 1 scoop with 90 ml / 2 scoops with 180 ml / 3 scoops with 270 ml of water or skim milk. The mash is ready  in  a  few  seconds.  For  immediate  consumption  –  do  not  store  the  ready  product. Daily dose = 1–3 scoops, depending on your body weight, sports activity and diet.


instant  rice  flakes  (100%  rice),  oat flakes,  shredded  coconut  (for  coconut  flavor),  grain  puffs  (oat flakes, wheat flakes, organic cane sugar (0,7 g per 1 scoop), rapeseed oil, coconut), non-fat cocoa (for chocolate flavor), chocolate curls (sucrose (0,7 g per 1 scoop) cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), flavor) (for chocolate flavor), lyofilized  pineapple (for pineapple flavor), lyofilized apples (for apple & cinnamon flavor), lyofilized strawberries (for strawberry flavor), lyofilized raspberries (for raspberry flavor), lyofilized mango (for mango flavor), lyofilized blueberries (for blueberry flavor), dried blueberries (for blueberry flavor), flavor, inulin, ground cinnamon (for apple & cinnamon flavor), beta carotene (natural colorant) (for pineapple flavor), citric acid (acidity regulator) (for pineapple and raspberry flavors), sucralose (sweetener).

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